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NTTA Outreach events and Programs available to vendors are listed below:

Business Chat Session
The Business chat session occurs every second Wednesday of the month at the NTTA Boardroom 5900 W. Plano Parkway, Plano TX 75093 from 10:00am-11:00am. It's a platform where NTTA staff explains the bidding process and highlights upcoming procurement opportunities with various NTTA departments. Vendors also get to share information about their respective companies. The Business Chat Sessions are designed to provide an informal setting for vendors to network with other vendors and meet with key decision makers at the NTTA.

Vendor Outreach Symposium:
NTTA hosts a Vendor Oureach Symposium (VOS) each quarter to provide information about upcoming projects. The event is a traveling road show and one-stop outreach for prospective vendors who wants to do Business with NTTA. The counties visited during the VOS include: Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant. To learn more about the symposium or know where the VOS bus stops next, email: vendoroutreach@ntta.org

Relationship and Opportunities Advancing Diversity (ROAD) Program:
ROAD is a Mentor/Protégé program that seeks to promote and facilitate relationships between prime contractors and consultants to foster opportunities for D/M/WBE firms to participate in large contracts. In this Program, emerging minority firms are paried with established primes for a two year mentorship opportunity.

Cooperative Inclusion Plan (CIP)
The Cooperative Inclusion Plan is a comprehensive approach to addressing the lack of D/M/WBEs and historically underutilized businesses in highway contracting. It provides a road map for addressing the challenges and aims to bring together key highway players and contractors associations to help close the gap. This is a partnership between NTTA, TxDOT, RHCA, AGC, RBCA and AACATX to develop DMWBEs for highway contracting.

Click here for more information on Business Diversity Outreach Programs or email vendoroutreach@ntta.org

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